Peter Wakefield was born in Stockport, England and immigrated to Australia when he was 9 years old. In his teens he began to run with the gangs of those days and ended up empty. In the late 1980's, in the midst of a crumbling life, he took an opportunity to go to America with his employer. He was looking for hope, but unsure of where to find it.  One of his employees, at just the right time, shared the gospel with him and invited him to a church service in El Paso, Texas. He bowed his knee to Christ, became a born again Christian, and has never looked back.


His employer moved him to Chandler, Arizona where he became a disciple of Pastor Joe Campbell of The Door Christian Center. In 1996, Pastor Campbell and the congregation entrusted him with a work in Indianapolis, Indiana. His calling in life is discipling men to preach the gospel. His studies and preaching center on directing others to Jesus Christ and the spiritual warfare involved in staying saved and on fire for God.



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